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School Visits


Download a book order flyer to accompany school visits here: BOOK ORDER FORM


Request a class set (30) of bookmarks for your students here: BOOKMARK REQUEST FORM


Suggested audience: 3rd-6th grade

For the '23-'24 school year, I will be conducting FREE 20 minute virtual visits on Wednesdays. These will be Q&A only. Teachers/librarians are strongly encouraged to prepare questions ahead of time. These visits are best for single classrooms/book clubs.

For virtual visits which involve my 20 minute presentation plus a 10 minute Q&A, the fee is $500 per session.

This is best for multiple classrooms.



Suggested audience: 3rd-6th grade
Audience size: 250 students maximum per presentation
A 20 minute interactive presentation that takes students on a journey to becoming an author. Includes insights into the author’s life and road to publication as well as guiding students how to foster creativity and tell their own stories. 15 minute Q&A after.
A book signing (15-20 minutes) can be included.
Fee for in-person presentation:
Within 50 miles of Austin, TX- $750/day
Beyond 50 miles of Austin, TX- $1500/day plus travel (including airfare and accommodations, if necessary)

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